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Crosby Minibus

Welcome to ou Crosby minibus We are here to provide you with charming, lavish and luxurious transportation for moving all around in Crosby. When you have a get together you’re your friends and family and you want to have a trip with them at some special place then let some superior services smoothen your way in the best possible way. Our company has been providing elite minibus and coach hire Crosby services for past many years and we have always succeeded in providing top quality services in Crosby. This is evident from the reviews gathered from previous customers. You can always read the reviews of our customers and get an idea about our company and our customer service.

We are a family retained company and have a trained and skilled staff to serve you in a perfect manner. All the staff members are selected after testing their driving skills and thoroughly checking their backgrounds for complete surety and security. This all is done just to make sure our customers never feel any sort of inconvenience regarding any of our services. We assure you that your journey with our drivers would be safe and charming as our drivers are really polite and humble. They are trained to be as cooperative with the passengers as they can be and offer highest quality services.

Vehicles used by our bus and coach hire company, Crosby

We are famous for our top quality vehicles; the minibuses and coaches that our company provides are superior than any other service provider in Crosby. Just take a glimpse to our top quality vehicles and you will come to know that the vehicles and services provided by our company falls exactly as per your requirement. Our company will provide the minibus according to the number of passengers and the variety of vehicles in our fleet are mentioned below. Thus, making sure that our company is able to fulfil all your requirements and will provide you the vehicle you need to hire.

  1. Iveco 16- seater minibus standard

For the groups containing 16 members has the best option to hire Iveco 16- seater minibus standard. With sufficient space, comfortable seating and an amazing decorated interior, the Iveco 16 – seater minibus oaths to provide you a splendid experience on your trip in Crosby. Call for luxury, security, safety and road performance and this vehicle delivers it in the most exciting way possible.

Having a 6- speed manual transmission, the diesel engine Iveco 16- seater minibus declares to be best option for inner city traveling. With the great number of passengers, the charges of hiring our minibus are easily affordable. The Iveco’s CNG powered engine is also available for decreasing environmental impact. Hence, this minibus tends to make your journey memorable.

  1. 12-16 seater Ford transit minibus standard

Ford provides elite 12-16 seater transit minibus. Our minibus and coach hire company vows to be the best option for safe, lavish and charming journey. With progressive technology, the headlights of this vehicle are prepared with a sensor that can identify the darkened light for any purpose and automatically turns them on. While making your journey joyful, this vehicle’s music will all over be controlled by your voice commands. Henceforth, it makes your journey safer, easier and more comfortable.

  1. Executive Mercedes vehicle

As it is already known that, Mercedes is an attractive, comfortable, and luxurious that will make your journey cooler. This vehicle has the capacity to accommodate 6-9 passengers. This vehicle leaves a good impact on your personality. With the great interior as well as exterior configuration, Mercedes tends to be the best vehicle for safe journey as Mercedes has the supreme enactment on the road.

  1. Renault master standard

Increasing the number of passengers, Renault master standard is the best vehicle which can accommodate 14 to 17 passengers. You can easily hire our Renault master standard minibus. Luxurious journey is the best offering of our minibus and coach hire company Crosby.

  1. Range of other buses

There is a variety of other buses that shall be provided according to your queries. We shall accomplish all of your demand for more capacious vehicles or more qualities in terms of service and vehicles.

  • 8-seater minibus 12-14 seater minibus hire
  • 16-seater minibus hire
  • 24-seter minibus hire
  • 28-35 seater mini coach hire
  • 28-35 seater mini coach hire
  • 49- seater coach hire
  • 49-seater 53-seater coach hire
  • Double decker coach 72-seater hire

Henceforward, if you want to hire our minibus then you could visit our company and there you could choose your finest vehicle according to your interest that could accommodate all o your group members.

Attractions in Crosby

Crosby is full of entertaining things to do and there is highly suggested tourist attraction. Some top ranked attractions are mentioned below:

  • The first one is Crosby beach which is a must see on any of the trip as it has highly suggested attraction. This place is especially for nature lovers.
  • New Brighton beach another one of the beautiful beach
  • World Museum Liverpool, the museum and art galleries where you would be amazed of all the creations.
  • The Beatles Story, another museum and art galleries.
  • Farmers Tend Farm Park which is generally for kids as it is called to be as children’s farms
  • Liverpool Football Club Museum and Tour, where the youngsters could go for playing football


Top 10 things to do in Crosby

if you are planning to have a trip with your friend fellows then hire our minibus or coach and we’ll guide you to visit the beautiful places or you can simply checkout the beautiful and attractive places mentioned in our website. And also add these places in your list to do as these are very enjoyable things.

  1. Antony Gormley’s Another Place, the best option for a trip if you have any interest in Sights and Landmarks.
  2. The best place for outdoor activity is Crosby Beach as it is ranked first among the outdoor activities.
  3. The second best place for outdoor activity is West Lancashire golf club.
  4. New Adventures diving, the finest place for Scuba and Snorkeling.
  5. Purple Monster Play Centre, which could be the superlative option for children as this place also has a playground where kids could play their games and can also take swings.
  6. Crows Nest, the greatest nightlife in Crosby.
  7. Solar Beauty, the place for releasing out the stress and have comfort especially for those who are tired with their daily routine works should go at these Spas and wellness in Crosby.
  8. New Adventures Diving, this is also a place for workshops and classes where the Scuba and Snorkeling classes are held upon.
  9. Crosby beach is also the top ranked park that is known for the nature reserves and its beauty.
  10. The biggest park, in Liverpool is Sefton park where you will find the steamy wrought-iron pal House.

Best restaurants in Crosby

for superlative dining familiarity in Crosby, these mentioned are top ranked restaurants of Crosby.

  • Da Mount Gurkha
  • Ayuthaya
  • Da Gurkha
  • Saffron
  • The Tree House
  • La Parrilla
  • The Workshop
  • Tapas Tapas
  • Driftwood Café
  • Lemon Tree Bistro

 Hotels to stay

3- star hotels

  • Hampton by Hilton Liverpool city Center
  • The liner Hotel
  • Days Inn Liverpool City Center
  • Jurys Inn Liverpool
  • Britannia Hotel Wigan

5- star hotels

  • Whistle and Flute
  • forest Pines Hotel and Golf Resort
  • The George Quality Accommodation
  • The Red Lion Hotel
  • Ivy Lodge


Postcodes in Crosby


  • L23 6AD
  • L23 6RA
  • L23 6XS
  • L23 6SR
  • L23 8SN
  • L23 8TH
  • L23 6TT
  • L23 8SW
  • L23 8SE
  • L23 8SH
  • L23 8SJ
  • L23 6UE
  • L23 6UA
  • L23 6UG
  • L23 8UD
  • L23 6TH
  • L23 6YD
  • L23 6TF
  • L23 6TA
  • L23 8TL
  • L23 8SB
  • L23 6UR
  • L23 6UQ
  • L23 8TX
  • L23 6TE
  • L23 6XP
  • L23 6BA
  • L23 8SQ
  • L23 8UN
  • L23 6XQ
  • L23 6UJ
  • L23 6UP
  • L23 6XN
  • L23 6UN
  • L23 6UF
  • L23 8SG
  • L23 8XB
  • L23 6WD
  • L23 6TD
  • L23 6TB
  • L23 8TW
  • L23 8SD
  • L23 6XG
  • L23 6TU
  • L23 6TQ
  • L23 8SF



Coachers to and from Crosby

Travelling from Crosby Beach to Crow’s Nest perhaps could be long and you might not be in a mood to drive. Also, if you are in a group and all of you have to travel in different cars, then it becomes certainly impossible to enjoy each other’s company. Our company reduces your worries and gives you an alternative option which is to hire the exclusive services of our company. By hiring our minibus services, all your worries could be resolved. You can easily hire our minibus or coach for all of your family members or for your friend fellows and can travel together in our minibus anywhere in Crosby lavishly, safely and securely. We shall fulfil all of your requirements and our customer service will prove to be as per your expectations. The trained driver of our company will never let you have any inconvenience and will never show any flaw in the service.

Events of 2017 to 2018: upcoming events in Crosby

There are some thrilling events upcoming in 6 months in Crosby. Following are some exciting upcoming events:

  • Houston Vendors/Designers fashion Week Event is going to be organized on 12th of October at Mercedes Benz of Greenway, Houston.
  • Houston Golf Tournament is going to be organized on 23rd of October at Walden on lake Houston golf and country club, Humble
  • Free Home Buying Seminar is going to be organized on 6th of September at Walden on Lake Houston golf club, Humble
  • A fantastic musical event, “House at the River 2017” will be held at Banana Bend Beach, Highlands on September 24, 

Why Choose Crosby Minibus?

Why Choose our bus and coach hire company?

Our company has set a main purpose for all the staff and it is to win the confidence and trust of our customers in our services. For this purpose, first of all the staff is selected carefully while making sure that none of them has any criminal background. Secondly, all the drivers are screened carefully keeping in view their driving capability and license. Our company only hires the expert drivers and vows to provide you with top quality services matching your expectations and even exceeding them. We are available 24/7 for your service and are ready to listen to your request for additional or customized services. Our company expresses its gratitude to all our customers for trusting in us and hiring our services. We shall prove to you that your decision was the best one and will offer you an unparalleled travel experience with our company.

It is our top priority to satisfy our customers completely from our services. Our drivers are thus trained to drive you carefully to your destination and be as cooperative as he can with all your group members. The staff of our company is really helpful, assistive, courteous and professional. We will make sure that you don’t face any problem or inconvenience regarding our services.


The testimonials of our company depict very well the quality of service that we provide and the professional attitude we have to deliver. The reviews from our previous customers are mentioned below:

Anna says,

“We were thinking to drive through Crosby on our cars since we were 15 people in total heading towards Crosby to give a surprise birthday party to our friend. However, one of us recommended to join this minibus and coach hire company. We were reluctant at first but decided to give it a try since it could give us a chance to be together on our trip. All the friends were together and it was really fun moving through the beautiful town of Crosby. We reached our friends home safely. The driver was very professional and courteous. We took our friend with us and moved to many places partying all around and then finally went back home the next day. The driver dropped each one of us at their homes and the rates charged for this outstanding service were very normal. I would surely highly recommend this phenomenal company.”

John says,

“Five- star service and the best than any other in the town. Starting from the website design and information to traveling to Crosby beach with my friends in a luxury Ford Transit Minibus of your company, I was both amazed and excited to spend such quality time with my group and availing myself of the luxurious and comfortable services. The driver was also very cool as we had a great conversation with him. Overall, I have found your company to be really professional and would highly recommend it to others too.”

Arthur says,

“No flaw, no inconvenience at all. Right after completing the trip, I was actually sad that such a pleasant journey had ended. All thanks to Mr. Wright, the driver of our Mercedes Sprinter minibus who acted so nicely and was so courteous on all the way that we didn’t want this journey to end. We spent a total of 3 days and all the group was really happy from Mr. Right and his professional service as he was always on time, drove fine and acted nicely and humbly to us. Would surely hire your services again.”

Types of Services

We are known in the entire Crosby town for the high quality and professional services of our company. We are committed to our customer service and never offer any sort of compromise on them. We are devoted to offer our customers our help and assistance in whatever way they want. We have an aim to earn the trust and confidence of the customers in our company and satisfy them completely. We wish to be the premium minibus and coach hire company of Crosby and will prove to be the most option for you. Despite the top- quality services provided by our company, the prices charged are really reasonable and competitive. We offer you various types of services for hiring our minibuses and coaches. The services provided by our company are mentioned below:

Minibus hire with driver Crosby

Minibus hiring is the best option for those groups who don’t want to take so many different cars with them. Rather than taking multiple cars out and stressing half your group members to driving, you can simply hire a minibus or coach of our company and get our skilled driver along with the vehicle. With our skillful drivers at your service, you will feel safe and secure while traveling. Our minibuses and coaches are always maintained properly and go through regular maintenance checks to make sure the perfect performance on road. We assure you that you will find our vehicles clean, tidy, well- maintained and delivering best performance on road. The exclusive minibuses and a skilled driver combo will make your journey a memorable one and you will be really happy on your decision to hire our services.

Crosby Airport Minibus

After coming from a long flight, you always wish for a luxurious and lavish vehicle waiting for you that takes you to your hotel or home where you can relax for some time and then carry on the tasks of the day. For this purpose, our company provides you with the best and most economical options available. If any of your guests are arriving at the airport, then you can simply hire our minibus or coach services to pick them up from the airport. Give them a warm welcome and let them travel comfortably from the airport to hotel or home. Our driver will reach there before time to pick up your guests. He will also help you with the luggage if you want and will be courteous and highly professional. All our drivers are trained through many different workshops and they will certainly not leave you any chance of complaint.

So, whenever your guests have to come to Crosby or you yourself are coming, then all you need to do is book our services and confirm the time of arrival. Then leave it all on us. We shall be there before you and after picking you up, we shall take you to your destination safely and comfortably. We guarantee you that you shall be completely satisfied by the professional response of our company.

Crosby Minibus Tours

There is no need to worry about travelling to anywhere in Crosby. We are here to take all the tension and you are there to enjoy traveling with your groups. Crosby Minibus tours of our company allow you to relax while traveling all around Crosby. There are a lot of exciting places to visit in Crosby and you can easily avail yourself of the opportunity to visit all of them along with your group. All you need to do is discuss with your friends and plan your holiday or tour, then hire our company’s services. We shall tell you about all the available minibuses and coaches of our company from which you can hire the one that you feel the best and get it for your trip.

We shall also appoint one of our trained and licensed drivers at your service. We assure you that you will not feel any trouble or worry in gaining our services. Our driver will arrive at the allotted time and will pick you up from the designated location. Throughout the journey, our driver will maintain his professional behavior and be as assistive as he can. We have arranged and managed our services in a way that you don’t feel any sort of inconvenience.

Concert Minibus Crosby

Crosby has several places designated for concerts. Other than concerts, there are a lot of other events that keep on happening in the town. Our company provides you with the chance to avail yourself of the concert minibus Crosby services of our company. So, if you are running any band and want to travel to the place of concert, then the best and most convenient option for you is to hire the exclusive services of our company. We shall provide you with a spacious vehicle which will be sufficient to accommodate all the group members along with their musical instruments. You can also request us and tell us about the interior décor that you want. We will decorate the interior of the minibus as per your requirement and adjust the ambience and lighting accordingly. The concert minibus Crosby services of our company will prove to be the best for you and we assure you that you will be completely satisfied from our services. All the services will be provided keeping your liking in mind and thus, there will be no chance of any flaw in the service.

Business/ Corporate Minibus Crosby

For the corporate and business meetings in Crosby, our company provides you with our exclusive business/ corporate minibus Crosby services. All the corporate clients are recommended to avail themselves of our exclusive services and have the taste of ultimate luxury just as they would expect. There is no match of our exclusive business quality services anywhere in the Crosby. All you need to do is hire our services and we shall offer you our executive vehicle decorated at the inside in a formal atmosphere and shall even place a notepad and digital devices for your convenience in the minibus. The driver will also be asked to behave and dress formally.

Weddings Minibus Crosby

Weddings Minibus Crosby services of our company allow you to hire our minibus for picking up your wedding guests in a convenient and stylish manner. Wedding is one of the most important occasion in your life and we understand it properly. So, our 49 seater, 53- seater buses and 72- seater double-decker coach is available to you so that you can have the best transportation source for all your wedding guests.

Funerals Minibus Crosby

On the sad occasion of any funeral, the guests, relatives and friends are the consoling persons who give you support and help you in the time of need. Let them reach at the graveyard or to the home of the deceased in a convenient and comfortable manner. Hire our funeral minibus Crosby services and let us take the coffin along with your family members, relatives, friends or other guests to the graveyard. Our driver recognizes the delicacy of the situation and will thus try to be as compassionate as he can and will act politely with the passengers. We assure you that you will have no inconvenience from our end.